Dealership showroom preview
The Challenge

Create a Retail Touchscreen Experience

Our challenge was a very large endeavor that included many stakeholders. John Deere wanted a retail touchscreen put into it's stores to help with selling equipment, educating customers, developing a new sales method, and a way for them to promote their own specials. If the dealerships are winning, then so is John Deere.

  • Increased email capture rate and leads for dealership marketing and sales teams.
  • Touchscreen acted as another sales tool.
  • Dealers were able to promote products for their dealership.
  • Displayed dealer services and maintenance specials.
  • Cut cost to John Deere's printing budget by providing a way to distribute digital brochures.
  • Educated the customer with the latest specifications.
  • Dealers were able to promote their used equipment.
The Approach

Researching Models

The research consisted of matching the business goals of the touchscreen and how it could help the user. We collected feedback from interviews, surveys, and at trade shows from our internal sales team. Everyday the account managers would be talking to dealers about the product. All the feedback would get relayed back to the rest of the company.

User Personas

The main users were dealership employees, sales and marketing from dealerships and John Deere coorporate, professional farmers, and residential owners. Our apps covered a couple different types of users and a lot of feedback was gathered.

Usability Testing

Our testing ranged from hallway testing to launching a Beta version to a couple power users of our product. We asked them questions and they provided feedback. This validated our success criteria of how easy it was to use or what we needed to change.

The Designs

Kiosk Interface

The designs have gone through multiple revisions over the years and our last approach was to build it out like a single page application. This let us pull together a cohesive look. Previously we had a iPhone approach where each app had it's own look and feel.

The iPhone approach was difficult to scale and maintain. We were maintaining each application with it's own styles, designs, and no design system in-place. The latest version solved a lot of the headaches we were having.

Touchscreen homepage
John Deere - Application Homepage
Tractor series page
John Deere - Tractor Series Landing
Compare products walkthrough
John Deere - Compare Walkthrough
Compare selected
John Deere - Compare Selected
Compare landing
John Deere - Compare Landing
Digital library example
John Deere - Digital Literature Rack
The Deliverables

Engineering Assets

I provided coded front-end page templates, components, and a design spec to the engineering team. This included HTML and SCSS files with a custom Gulp file for minifying and converting the SCSS to CSS.