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The Challenge

Complete a website build within 3-4 weeks.

The client wanted a redesign from there old website. A team of us at Philosophie worked together to design and build an amazing looking website. The design was handled by the talented Setarah Javadi.

My Role

I was the lead developer on this project. I took the designs, made a plan, presented a way to move forward, and built out the website. I had the freedom to choose how I wanted to build the website. In the end I choose Nuxt which is a Vue framework. It made it extremely easy to build the website and was able to have a prototype out within hours.

I also built a custom grid, video player, and video gallery carousel as Vue components. The project is on a Github repo and made it easy to for other developers to jump in and help with a couple of bugs I came across.

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Wavemaker Labs - Full Site
The Video Gallery

Vue Gallery

The video gallery was a nice challenge to take on. It started off with the need of a gallery and after searching online for examples to plugin, I ended up building my own custom component. The end result is a fully responsive gallery that only plays the video being shown.

The Launch

Releasing a Production Build

After three weeks, we were able to launch a fully functioning website with some pretty cool features for the client. They were very happy with the end result and continue to work with the company with future design plans.