Phase One


First thing is to understand what the problem is we are trying to solve. To do this, we will start to gather information with research methods. Also a common exercise for this stage is to have a kickoff meeting. I need to understand your company and mission better.


The uncovered insights from the research will help identify multiple opportunities.

Phase Two


When we discover and define the opportunities, we get to have a design studio. A studio will help all of us get our ideas out of our brains and put onto actual paper.


As we are sketching and voting on ideas, a clear path to move forward will eventually reveal itself. As that happens, we can start tying back to business and project goals. We can start setting what the success will look like.

Phase Three


At this stage, I will make the designs and build out the prototype in an agile way. Each prototype is built to be immediately tested with your audience. As insights come in, we will adjust the design based on qualitative feedback and do more usability tests.


At the end, we need to launch to product to the world to start getting real usage data to validate all the business and project goals. Every new feature from here will have a foundation for another design process cycle.